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Food Waste Disposers

Instead of rotting in your home, food waste can be ground in your disposer and sent to wastewater treatment plants where it can yield valuable biogas and other vital soil nutrients.

The ultimate in food waste disposal
Are you fed up of the smell of rotting food waste in your home?
Fitted neatly under your sink, an InSinkErator food waste disposer effortlessly grinds food waste into small particles that can be flushed away for processing at the local wastewater treatment plant.
End the food waste chore with an InSinkErator food waste disposer.

Help Keep Food Waste out of Landfill Sites

  • 7.3 million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfills each year where it emits harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • Instead of going to landfill, food waste can yield valuable biogas and other vital soil nutrients which can be recovered at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Using an InSinkErator food waste disposer keeps your kitchen cleaner and helps us to do our bit for the environment by diverting food waste from landfill.

What food can be put down a InSinkErator food waste disposer

A food waste disposer is a must-have appliance for any kitchen. There is nothing worse than smelly food bins or having to pick up food waste when the bin bag breaks as you replace it. An InSinkErator food waste disposer offers a practical, convenient and environmentally responsible way of disposing of food waste.

Fitted discreetly under your sink, a food waste disposer effortlessly grinds food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down a standard kitchen drain. Dealing with smelly food bins will be a thing of the past once you have your InSinkErator food waste disposer installed!

Just about any type of food waste that you can think of can be placed down your disposer and grinded down in a matter of seconds. Take a look at the visual guide below to get a clearer understanding of what can be put down your food waste disposer. Our Evolution models are the champions of the range and they can deal with tougher food wastes such as corn on the cob and pineapples.

There are no blades in any of our Food Waste Disposers, so rest assured that safety isn’t a problem.